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The Netherlands just handed out iodine pills to all its citizens to protect against a nuclear disaster... do YOU have iodine?

To aid in personal preparedness against nuclear disasters (nuclear terrorism, dirty bombs and nuclear plant accidents), we've put together a nascent iodine "preparedness pack" with extended shelf life for long-term preparedness.

As the risk of nuclear accidents and terrorism grows, demand for iodine is also increasing. Just recently, we learned about ISIS threatening to attack a nuclear plant in Brussels. A nuclear facility security guard was murdered and his access badge was stolen. Terrorists planned to take over the facility and shut down the cooling pumps, sending the nuclear fuel into a "criticality" event... a MELTDOWN. This is how ISIS plans to turn nuclear facilities into weapons of mass destruction.


Now, the governments of The Netherlands and Belgium are urging people to stock up on iodine for their own protection.


You may not live in Europe, but the truth is that almost no place is the world is safe from nuclear terrorism anymore. Ten years ago, former defense secretary William Perry warned that "there is a greater than 50 percent probability of a nuclear strike on US targets within a decade," and another former defense secretary, Robert McNamara, agreed that we are on the path to "apocalypse soon."


Emergency supplements like nascent iodine won't solve those problems, of course, but they do have an important role to play for those who are smart enough to protect themselves and their families from nuclear terrorism, war or accidents.

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Health-Ranger Nascent iodine

Shop around and you'll find this is likely the very best value anywhere on high quality nascent iodine with laboratory-validated, near-zero heavy metals.

laboratory verified
  • One bottle of Health Ranger's Nascent Iodine with a squeeze dropper for immediate use (1100 servings) 
  • Two bottles of Health Ranger's Nascent Iodine with metal screw-on caps for long-term storage (2200 servings) 

In all, it's three bottles combined at a discounted price, providing you with a grand total of 3300 servings of nascent iodine for under 3.3 cents per serving! Shop around and you'll find this is likely the very best value anywhere on high quality nascent iodine with laboratory-validated, near-zero heavy metals.

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The Health Ranger's Nascent Iodine is laboratory tested for purity and potency. It is one of the few iodine products that is accurately labeled with the true dose (micrograms and milligrams) of iodine delivered per serving.

We have come up with an incredibly affordable, high-value preparedness pack that combines:

  • Its purity is confirmed as greater than 99.8%. 
  • It's more potent than glycerin-based iodine supplements, meaning it's more portable (more iodine carried in less weight and less required storage space). 
  • It contains 1100 servings when taken as directed (1 drop per day, 400 mcg of iodine per serving). This means one bottle can last around three years, making it extremely cost-effective for those seeking to boost their dietary iodine.

Why choose the Health Ranger's Nascent Iodine?

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